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cannot see my post

  1. svetlanagrobman

    I cannot see my new post. I have posted 11 posts (I did make 1 post private because it attracted too much spam), but I could not see it with the rest of my posts. In fact, the only way I could find it at all was using the blog's search field. After spending some time, I decided to make my new post sticky, and it appeared on top of everything else. However, what am I going to do when I publish a new one (assuming that it is going to work the way other posts worked). I will have to "unstick" the one I cannot find any other way, which will make it disappear again. What's wrong?
    The sticky post is "Sounds of Music"

    Svetlana Grobman

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oh good. Not that you can't see your post but I just created this same topic as I am having the same issue which tells me it isn't just me. Seems it is WordPress this evening.

  3. @faireunvoeu
    You don't have an issue. Please return to your own thread.

  4. @svetlanagrobman
    This post will appear in date order with all other posts when you remove the "stick" post designation.

  5. Yes I still have the issue after attempting the fix. I posed there as well.

  6. svetlanagrobman

    It didn't appear in date order. When I looked under "All posts" it didn't appear there at all (which was the case earlier), and I could find it only by searching for it. The only way it works is by "sticking" it to the first page -- which means that my next post appears underneath (it is the case right now, since yesterday I posted some pictures).

  7. What is the URL of the post?

  8. svetlanagrobman

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