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    I cannot see my new post. I have posted 11 posts (I did make 1 post private because it attracted too much spam), but I could not see it with the rest of my posts. In fact, the only way I could find it at all was using the blog’s search field. After spending some time, I decided to make my new post sticky, and it appeared on top of everything else. However, what am I going to do when I publish a new one (assuming that it is going to work the way other posts worked). I will have to “unstick” the one I cannot find any other way, which will make it disappear again. What’s wrong?
    The sticky post is “Sounds of Music”

    Svetlana Grobman

    The blog I need help with is



    Oh good. Not that you can’t see your post but I just created this same topic as I am having the same issue which tells me it isn’t just me. Seems it is WordPress this evening.



    You don’t have an issue. Please return to your own thread.



    This post will appear in date order with all other posts when you remove the “stick” post designation.



    Yes I still have the issue after attempting the fix. I posed there as well.


    It didn’t appear in date order. When I looked under “All posts” it didn’t appear there at all (which was the case earlier), and I could find it only by searching for it. The only way it works is by “sticking” it to the first page — which means that my next post appears underneath (it is the case right now, since yesterday I posted some pictures).



    What is the URL of the post?


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