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Cannot see uploaded pictures in Safari

  1. I started a blog, and in the beginning I could easily upload pictures and see them myself. Now, suddenly, I know the pictures are there, but I cannot see them myself. They are small blue WordPress icons instead. Everyone else can see them. I have tried to use different browsers (such as Google Chrome and Internet, currently using Safari on a Mac) but nothing.

    Is there something I can do? Would be nice to see my own pictures!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well the good news is that I'm using Firefox 8 and I can see all your large images on the front page of you blog. Have your tried clearing you browser cache and cookies?

    You really ought to reduce the number of posts appearing on your front page here > Settings > Reading as the page loading time is too long. This is caused by the fact there are large images in the posts. You ought to also consider inserting "the more tag" into your posts so only post excerpts appear on your front page. That will also expedite page loading time.

  3. Yes, I think everyone else sees them, just not me. Have tried with Firefox aswell, but doesn't work. Tried emptying cookies and browser cache, but still nothing. The images are small icons with "?" in them. It is certainly annoying to the point where I am considering blogging somewhere else!

    Thanks for tipps, by the way. I will certainly change something.

  4. That's weird because I'm using Firefox 8 and I can see your images. If your Firefox browser version is not up to date then you can upgrade it here.

  5. I tried upgrading Firefox AND Safari now, but the same problem is still existent in both. Damn.

  6. Cannot see any pictures on any WordPress blog.

  7. Wow! I have never had that happen to me. Have you tried rebooting your computer?

  8. Yup, tried twice. Nothing! I just got the blog like six-seven weeks ago, but suddenly I couldn't see the images anymore after some weeks. Can't remember doing something that would affect WordPress.

  9. Well I'm all out of ideas, except to say as I can see images on your blog and other blogs and you can't, this sounds like you have a local issue ie. the issue appears to be with your computer.

  10. Are you using http:// or https:// ? See
    Do you have third party cookies enabled?
    Do you have JavaScript enabled?
    You can use this link to see if your Flash is up to date. If it’s not up to date then this is where to download and install the latest version of Flash.

  11. I'm having that very same problem with my iPad. I have been able to upload images ok up to yesterday. Today, nothing bit ? Icons. Very annoying to say the least.

  12. I am using http://. Should I change?
    I have third party cookies and Java enabled, and I just updated my Flash! :)

  13. @jessielansdel
    To avoid all confusion as you have an iPad please post a new thread. Also note this forum for ipad users >

  14. @kristinfrosland
    I don't know if using https:// will work for you. I suppose at this stage it's worth trying.

  15. @jessielansdel, since this isn't browser specific for you (no images in firefox or safari) it points to an issue at your ISP. At the very least I would reboot your internet modem, but I'm pretty sure that it is an issue at your internet service provider.

  16. @thesacredpath
    Good eveing
    There maybe be problems with her ISP and/or with the proxy servers. I think she will have to check with her ISP for known issues.

  17. Timethief & sacredpath
    Thank you. I'll try that as it could be the problem.

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