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cannot stumbleupon

  1. for the past 2 days i have not been able to submit the posts in my blog to stumbleupon. clicking the 'i like it!'button on any other website works fine. this is strange because 2 days prior i was able to submit one of my older post. help!

  2. I think you might have to ask at the Stumble support forums. I've noticed reddit is quite glitchy lately as well.

  3. ok will try there. thanks!

  4. This is a very common problem on blogs.

    It is a strange interaction between the top menu bar code and something at Stumbleupon that does some kind of check of your system clock vs. .... who knows what.

    It is usually a temporary problem and fixes itself.

    Until then, you just have to ask someone else to to do the initial stumble of your posts for you.

    After they have been submitted, you can then give them a "Thumbs Up" as well.

    By the way, I would love to get a few more stumbles and reviews for this post about

    Carnival of the Recipes: Christmas in July Edition.

    Thank you,

  5. Strictly speaking (and I know this is nothing to do with is it not bad form (or even spamming) to submit your own content to SU or other type services?

  6. @quotes: I had no idea it was related to the bar.

    I thought it was because StumbleUpon will eventually prevent you from submitting stories from certain urls if you post them too often.

  7. the bar makes sense though. I've seen lots of timestamp issues with trying to automate stumbles.

  8. @quotes
    Will you be reporting this problem to staff then?

  9. it's not always a bug. If you try to stumble your blog several times in a row, SU will block you.

  10. @engtech - no - there does not appear to be a restriction on that. Look at those spammers at - they must be sitting there and submitting from the same site all day long without any problem.

    @timethief - no - I have submitted it to staff in the past. They could not find the problem and decided it was not their problem. (Just like some of my other long time open issues.)

    @nowsourcing - not according to support at SU.

    There was never a problem with Stumbleupon until the day that the top toolbar at went live.

  11. Some social bookmarking sites actively encourage you to post your own stuff: reddit does, for instance, but it'll get downvoted quickly. Digg simply doesn't care. There seems to be a negative associated with it at Stumble.

  12. I have watched people stumble their own posts when the posts were not outstanding in any way, shape or form. I have watched them do it day after day. I'm glad to hear that there may be some limits on this because if not then stumbleupon will not be worth belonging to. It will simply go down the toilet like digg did.

  13. @timethief

    I also have seen a lot of gratuitpous stumbling.

    I think,however, that this post is quite good and well worth a Thumbs up and Review at Stumbleupon. A lot of effort by a lot of people goes into making this particular Carnival a worthwhile effort and a success.

    This one was just in time for the "official-unofficial" celebration date.

    In November, there will be one for Diabetic Recipes at the Diabetic Recipes Blog just as Diabetes Awareness Month begins. I also hosted the ones for Pancake Day, Father's Day and New Years Eve.

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