Cannot update credit card – form goes blank

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    I navigate to the Upgrades page, then scroll down to the auto-renew list.

    I click on “Update credit card”. An Ajaxy form pops up and I fill it in.

    As soon as I selected United States as the country, the form goes completely blank — even the fields disappear.

    This happens in both Firefox and Safari.

    I am running a Macbook Air with Mac OS X 10.6.7
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    Wow, I’m so very sorry that is happening – thank you so much for reporting this.

    I used Firefox 4 (OSX 10.6.7), and after I chose ‘United States’, the form didn’t go blank, but actually scrolled down quite a bit. The information is still there, just at the bottom of the Ajax window. Can you see if that happens for you as well, and, if so, are you able to submit the form?

    Thanks, and once again, I’m sorry.



    Aha. You are correct. It seems my powers of observation need sharpening.

    I did scroll down and complete the form and hit Submit. Twice. Each time I do, the form closes and I am back at the Upgrades page which is displaying the message at the top “Your credit card details were successfully updated.”

    However, I see nothing that displays even the last four digits of my credit card so I don’t have any specific confirmation of which credit card is now on file (i.e., did the update really, really happen?)

    But so far, it seems like it’s (probably) working.



    Thanks for the follow up – I can confirm that your credit card details were indeed updated.

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