Cannot update menu from home (frustrated)

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    Using my company laptop at work poses no problems when I want to update my menu structure via Appearance, Menus. The site is very simple and would be so easy to update and manage….IF I could update the menu structure using the same machine at home. Apart from the fact that different telco’s are involved in the provision of the internet connectivity at each site, I cannot think for a second why updates should work at work, and just timeout at home.

    I’m beyond annoyed, so really grateful for any advice that will lead to resolution.

    Regards, Matthew

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Matthew. Please describe “the same machine”. Do you mean the same browser? The same Internet Service Provider?

    Why does it not work with that machine? Is it because you see only text and no layout?

    We are your fellow users and we can certainly understand how unpleasant this is, but more details would be helpful in order for us to assist in any way we can.


    Sorry. Same physical laptop at both site. Vista + IE9.
    ISP at work is BT through MS ISA Server Proxy
    ISP at home is Talk Talk via Netgear DG834G router
    All WordPress content is displayes and functions fine until I press the Save button for the menu changes. The browser then times out and I get the stock PCBD page.



    Have you tried the tips here?

    If you’re still getting “page cannot be displayed” (PCBD?) then it’s time to contact staff at


    Thanks airodyssey. I’ve just downloaded Safari and retried the menu update and had exactly the same problem = “Connection closed by remote server”
    I can only conclude the issue is related to my domestic ISP, so I will just have to remote into my work network whenever I want to update my menus?!



    I meant Firefox!

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