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Cannot upload a file to existing page

  1. Quick question from an idiot: Since the new toolbar I now cannot upload a Word document onto an existing page.

  2. Quick answer from a fellow idiot:

    You might have to do a space upgrade in order to be able to upload that type of file. I ran into that problem a while back when I tried to upload a certain type of file, but it wasn't important enough to me to pay $15 bucks a year for a space upgrade.

  3. osla, if you are still having problems uploading Word documents, let us know any error messages or what happens on your screen.

  4. There's no error message, but there just isn't the dialogue box at the bottom of the page that used to let me browse and select a file for uploading

  5. No, it's been gone for a month. Now you use the Upload Media button ABOVE the post box.

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