Cannot Upload files with new WordPress format

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    When I go to write a post, the upload dialog boxes are completely missing from my screen, and I have scoured the dashboard but cannot fid a way to upload pdf files. This is true whether I work from Windows Vista or XP. This has been since the new WordPress format came out last week. Please help. Jay.


    Click on add an image, click on “choose files to upload” and choose the PDF file (If you look right above the “choose files to upload” button you will see that it says, “Allowed file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, ppt, odt.”).

    If the windows come up blank, right click on them and select refresh reload.

    If the flash uploader will not work, again, click on “add an image” and in the line of text right below the “choose file to upload” button, it says, “You are using the Flash uploader. Problems? Try the Browser uploader instead.” Click on Browser uploader and you will be taken to an older style uploader similar to the one we used to have here before the upgrade.



    I’m having the same problem adding a new page since the new format. Working in IE7 and do not see the add a page box anywhere. Where is the uploader on the page? Which page is it on?


    To make a new page, you go to write > page, just as you did before. The Add media: section is above the toolbar.

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