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    I have spent the past two hours trying to load an image into a proposed posting. It won’t go. I can upload into the Images File and several times have done so and then deleted it when it wouldn’t transfer into the posting. Now I have noticed that I cannot change my proposed posting (which I have altered, renamed and deleted and begun again) from “Visual” to “Code” so I cannot even test if it is just my end which is being a PIA! Is this happening to anyone else or is it my ISP or someone else between me and WordPress which is the problem?



    It’s been happening off and on to a few people. Send a Feedback and Mark should get on it quickly. There’s no workaround as far as I can tell. You’ll need to give him the uRL of the photo and the post.


    Ok, can do that bit – will it continue to happen? I have tried several images and several different posts and none of them work in any combination :(



    No, most of the people have reported issues only with one post. Since it’s still happening to you I’d mention that in the Feedback. If I were you I’d send a feedback and go out for some coffee or something. Give it some time: Mark probably just woke up.


    Thanks, I’ll try “something else”. The sun is way over the yardarm here.

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