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    Over the last few days I have not been able to upload any images to my media library. I am not particularly computer savy but I have tried multiple times over the last few days, emptied cookies, upgraded flashplayer, upgraded browser. The uploading will either timeout, spend forever crunching without completing it, or an error message will occur. My internet connection seems fine and I have not had a problem before. My blog is heavily reliant on photo’s and I would like to be able to continue posting to it as soon as possible. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you tried with a different browser?

    Have a look at this Support doc

    You might also want to optimize your images prior to uploading to maximize your storage space. There is no reason to upload a 2M+, 3648x2736pixel file only to have it displayed at 300 pixels wide. For most site visitors images at 1280×1024 pixels is more than sufficient for a larger image.



    Thanks. Have tried updating Internet Explorer to no avail, and tried Google Chrome. Have tried everything in the document you suggested. Have rebooted internet connection and computer. Still having the same problems. Any other suggestions?



    Where, exactly, are you accessing the internet from? Sometimes certain ISPs restrict uploading and downloading and don’t tell you. We found most of Ireland was blocked from uploading earlier this year.

    Have you updated your Virus Scanner, etc, recently> McAfee in particular and sometimes AVG interfere. As long as you ONLY Have your blog open in your browser and no other tabs, you should be safe to disable your protection to upload. See if that solves the problem. Whether it does or not, immediately re-enable protection. Then let us know.



    I have the same problem, I bought the upgrade to add video to my site. I add a new post click upload/insert media, pick a video I made and stored in my computer, it uploads 100% and there are no choices to advance any further.???



    @daddyrat: This thread is about images, but in your case, you are having trouble uploading videos (which is a whole other set of potential issues). May I suggest you create your own thread?

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