Cannot upload media, menu tabs don't appear…help !

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    Hello. I have just created a second blog, however with this second blog I am unable to do many things:
    – I cannot upload media to customize the header (photos that uploaded fine in my primary blog)
    – the menu tabs do not show up
    – I cannot load media to any post or page (also just photos that uploaded fine in my primary blog)

    The only difference with my first blog is that this is not the primary blog, I am signed up under my primary blog username, and the language is french instead of english.

    Any idea what is going on , This is the url of the blog:

    The url of my primary blog is :

    I am trying to make a french version of the primary blog.
    Thanks for your help !

    The blog I need help with is


    Hello again.
    I fixed the menu problem, but no luck still on uploading images – yesterday wasn’t working either. I just click on button to upload and nothing happens.



    I am having trouble with the add media button too, maybe it’s something with the site? I was able to add pictures to one of my posts and then the add media window wouldn’t pop up on the next one I tried. I looked at all my browser settings and tried another browser as well and it still wouldn’t work.


    I also think it’s something with the site !
    I tried adding media to pages in my other blog, which worked fine 2 days ago, and it seems there is a problem with that blog too….
    Not sure what else to do except see if i add a picture using html.



    What is your ISP? Some of them like AOL are having some problems with blocking parts of



    I have Comcast. I’ve never had an issue before, it just started today as far as I know.


    I live in France, my ISP is a french company called Bouygues. Before yesterday I have never had this issue either.


    So far I am uploading media on the pages using html directly in the text tab of each page. But I have no idea how to do that for the header – anyone have any ideas ?!
    It’s a customized header and I wanted to upload 5 different images, but at this point even just one would be great!


    Hello again. One other thing I tried: switching to internet explorer instead of Firefox, but made no difference !



    Headers are uploaded here > Appearance > Header


    Thank you timethief, but the probelm is the button “choose image” on the header page you indicate does not work. Actually, today this button worked, but then on the next window where you choose the image, the button “set as header” doesn’t work !
    I am looking for a page where i can program in html the header pictures as the buttons in the template don’t work.

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