Cannot upload my header picture on

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    The blog I need help with is



    I take it’s most likely a browser related issue. Have you attempted to use another browser?

    There was a similar question asked yesterday that was answered by Timethief here.


    The chateau theme supports custom headers, so you should be able to upload a custom made header image.


    Thanks, darnelldibbles, but the problem stated is: “The uploaded file is not a valid image. Please try again.”

    This is the problem stated when I constantly try and upload a jpeg – which is a very valid picture format. Why is this happening?


    How large is the file? It might be that it is too large. Also, make sure that the file name only consists of letters and numbers. Here is the link to troubleshooting images when they fail to upload.

    Also, try resizing your header to the exact size that your theme requires before uploading it. That might also be the issue


    The file is 82 kb. I resized it as well to fit. It still says the same thing. I’ve also tried it on another browser. What is wrong??



    What is the file NAME?


    The file name is “SIZE”

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