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    Help! I can’t upload any more pictures as I get the message something like “please delete some files, you have exceeded your limit” or something like that.

    How can i delete pictures without ruining my old posts?
    Can I buy some more space?

    Please help. Thanks.




    You cannot “buy” space from – everything here is free, including the clicks you get by having folks like me look at your blog and try to help you. Here are some suggestions. Perhaps what you can do is to go back through your old posts as there really aren’t that many and reduce your photos to thumbnail sizes. Another important thing you can do is to consult the FAQ and read the sections on optimizing and uploading photos. I hope this helps.

    BTW you did not clarify where this “you have exceeded your limit message is coming from”. Is it coming from wordpress ( I find that every hard to believe)or are you using some service like flickr, etc.



    You’ve got quite a few pictures on your site and because they are high quality, they are probably pretty large. You may want to use one of the free hosts for pictures and link from there. Check the forums for possible off-site storage links.



    If you want to pay, try Photobucket or Flicker. They have a monthly bandwidth limit though. That’s why I don’t go there because I know I would go over the limit in just a matter of days. Or try supload. They’re free but they have a bar on their pictures saying ‘click the image for full size’.



    Thanks timethief – if i change them to thumbnail, can someone click and see the fullsize?

    The message is coming from WordPress.

    Vivian – the file sizes are reduced to about 105kb.. is that still too large?

    Nosysnoop – i don’t mind the bar saying “click the image for full size” but what
    never tried supload

    So, I suppose what this all means is that I need to either:

    1. Delete some pictures
    2. Reduce some/all to thumbnail

    but even so, i’ll get this problem again in the future right as there is a limit to storage in wordpress?

    Thanks for the help thus far. My appreciation.




    Hi, the exact message from WordPress is:

    Sorry, you have used your space allocation. Please delete some files to upload more files.

    Have deleted some but not working… i guess i have to delete a lot more.

    So, if I want more space, is the only solution to move out of WordPress?

    Thanks again for your advice,




    Wait!! Don’t delete them all. If you upload them to supload or another image uploader, then you can have as many pictures as you want. I don’t use WordPress for my images because I use an insane amount of pictures a day and would use up the allowed limit quickly. Either get them on thumbnails which your users can click to a bigger size, or upload them to or if you get an account at Flicker or Photobucket. But those last two have a monthly bandwidth limit.



    Actually you should be using thumbnails in your posts and letting your visitors choose if they want to clikc through and see the full size picture. Especially since you’re throwing around half meg files in some of your posts.

    What I would do is drop staff a Feedback and explain your situation. They might be able to do something for you. (I’ve been told that one of the paid features in the future planned is larger storage.) I don’t know if they can assist you since space granted per used is set for everybody instead of allocated per user but they might have something they can come up with.

    If they can’t, I would do as suggested and try one of the free image hosters. (Which I see you’ve already done) Either that or just go out and sign up for paid hosting. Most places will give you a good size of storage, like a gig or so.

    Good luck,



    Thanks Doc Mike.. i’ve adopted the free image hoster for time being and am considering moving to paid hosting so I have more flexibility for the future.

    Thanks all and I’ll consider this matter resolved.


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