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    This is a problem we’ve had with our blog for a while now, but I haven’t had time to look for a solution before now.

    I’m an admin of this blog:

    We have several users who can post to it, so it’s important for us that things work unrelated to what browser you use: It needs to work in all browsers! Also, we cannot update flash etc., as we are not granted priviledges from the IT department here (and they refuse to use anything but IE 7). So telling to update etc. is no point – we cannot!

    So, the problem is: We cannot uplad photos to posts. When we try to insert photos to a post entry, there are no error message, it just doesn’t load. The URL of the current photo I’m trying to insert is:
    As you can see: Broken link. And when I check the folders etc. on the server, there’s not even a folder called!

    Being somewhat computer literate, I can upload photos manually, but most of the others are quite newbies, so this has to work as it should be. Also for the future, should I “disappear” and someone else, less literate, become an admin instead.

    Help, please?



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