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Cannot upload Youtube video with new wordpress look

  1. myitchyfingers

    I noticed a new wordpress look when I logged in to write a new post. Nice new look. But when I tried to upload my you tube video, it doesn't allow it anymore. Now when I go to "add video" and copied my you tube url, it gave me a much shorter ones after inserting into post and saving it. The shorter url link just appeared on the post preview and no you tube window is visible. Please help.

    my blog is

  2. travesurabella

    Me too!!!! I'm so sad.....

    Please help us.

    my blog:

  3. I encountered the same problem too... Although the new features have been added to the top of the editing bar, when I tried to upload a media file into the post an error message appeared..... My upload video could not be allowed to be uploaded.... What happen? Any body out there found a solutions?
    My blog URL address is http:/


  4. Yes.

    ALWAYS look down the forum page to see if there's already another thread on the exact same topic. Because sometimes it has the solution in it:

  5. myitchyfingers

    Hi raincoaster,

    Yes, I do search the forum before asking the question and I did look at the thread you linked here before asking. I did everything that were suggested there and tried many times and didn't work. However, strangely it worked now when I copied the URL of you tube video onto the media box. There were obviously some bugs in the new format. Anyway, I am just happy that I can upload the video now. Thanks everyone for the response.

  6. raincoaster - I just did the same as myitchyfingers and there is no resolution in that thread, it started before the new editing format ... how do we embed utube videos?
    Can it not be done anymore?

  7. You do it the same way you did it before:

    [youtube=URL of the video] . Put it right into the visual editor, or into the HTML editor, both seem to work just fine.

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