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Cannot use editor on posts and pages with FF 12 and FF 13. Why not?

  1. Cannot use editor on posts and pages with recent Firefox browsers. Why not? Have cleared browser cache and cookies, and replaced browsers with fresh versions of FF12.0 and FF 13.0 (the latest non-beta versions).

    All I see are red squiggly lines on white when I open the editor. Stuck loading perhaps. About ten attempts failed the same way each time.

    These are pages with text, videos, and images that still open with at least one other browser. Opera browser works fine. No issue detected.
    Blog url:

  2. The above issue arose today.

  3. Found the cause. Adblock Plus somehow prevented the editor from loading. Just had to disable it on the site. This had never happened previously on a WP site of mine, though I've used Adblock for several months.

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