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    Hello there. I’m having the problem where I would like to add a link so that someone can subscribe to the xml feed of my podcast and be able to subscribe via their itunes. However when I use the “itpc://” convention of link in my blog it always gets changes to “http://” Is there a way around this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Please read the following and understand that the http:// prefix must be there. >



    This is the correct format for the link


    Hi there timethief.

    Sorry but I think you misunderstand me. For example if you look at
    You’ll see that when you click on it a box opens asking if you want to open the feed with iTunes, which will then subscribe to that feed. It’s commonly used on sites enabling people to subscribe to a podcast feed. I would have liked to be able to use my link


    Oh sorry… by the way… “Happy Birthday” to WordPress :-) A great service which I use for all of my podcasts and thanking you for your help so far too :-)



    You aren’t getting it. Every link must have an http:// in order to be valid so our browsers can load the link. Every link you have posted is invalid.

    Instead of itpc:// which is invalid, please try clicking this and find out the correct format for the valid link >


    Hi there timethief.

    Well, in my browser when I click on
    itpc:// and other such links starting with itpc:// a “Launch Application” box opens like this It opens if someone has iTunes on their pc.

    Info over at says

    “Direct Subscribe Link: The following link automatically subscribes the user to the podcast in iTunes. Note that this method fails for Windows users who do not have iTunes installed, so it should be clearly noted that the link is intended for subscription with iTunes.”


    I do “get it” :-(

    Sorry I asked.

    Thanks anyway.



    I’m sorry I failed you.It sounds like you need Staff help so here’s the link >


    @classicmusictwist, as TT suggests, you need to contact staff. I suspect they would have to do something in the backend in order to allow itpc:// to be recognized here at wordpress.COM.

    Give them a shout and explain the situation. Hopefully, unless there is some unknown reason it would cause issues, I’m sure they will do it.


    I just tested in my test blog, and WP strips out the itpc:// so it is definitely something they are either filtering out, or have not specifically allowed.

    Again, contact staff on this. I see no reason they should not make this available.



    Thanks for doing the testing and providing confirmation of the filtering.


    Welcome as always TT.

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