cannot verify my site with google webmaster tools – help!

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    I have been trying to verify my site with google webmaster tools, but keep on getting a ‘verification failed’ message.

    I tried to enter the content code under ‘Tools’, ‘Available Tools’, ‘Webmaster Tools Verification’, but this does not work.

    Can you help please?

    The blog I need help with is



    J’ai le même problème, je galère pour trouver une solution…je n’y arive pas non plus…Help quelqu’un pourrait il nous conseiller ? merci à vous,


    Hi there,
    You must follow this guide carefully and not use any other instructions because they do NOT apply to free hosted blogs.

    Also note that even if you don’t verify the blog your posts will still be indexed so there’s no need to feel panicky about this at all. It takes time and frequent publication of content that cannot be found elsewhere on the internet for search engines to discover your content and index it.

    Google recommends the XML sitemap as the best means of communicating site specific data and automatically generates an XML sitemap for your blog – you do nothing.

    For 10 factors that expedite indexing of your content see >


    Thank you for that @thistimethisspace. I did follow the guide word to word, but still cannot verify my site! Then I checked my blog on My robots file is valid, but it tells me that Google is not indexing my blog. :-(. I will try and change the tags on my posts and see if that helps.


    Tagging does not help. Changing themes does not help.
    Creating 404’s by breaking links never helps anything at all. It takes weeks of publishing unique content that cannot be found elsewhere on the interment for Bing and Google to index your content.

    Your blog is indexed by Google (38 results).


    No problem. Thanks again for your help.



    Hi MishMashMamma,

    So I just want to confirm with you that you kept both screens open when you pasted the code from Google into your page in WordPress, and then kept that page open when you went back and clicked “verify” with Google?

    If that is the case, go ahead and log into your Webmaster (Google) tools and delete the site, and then try to re-add it again using those same steps. If you have this issue again, please let me know!



    Just tried it @zandyring and it says that verification failed as my meta tag is incorrect.



    Thanks for double-checking! I’m going to transfer this to a private email so we can discuss your verification code from Google – I don’t want it posted publicly (and neither do you!)

    I’ll email you and close this thread so we don’t overlap.

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