Cannot view any wordpress blog normally!

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    Since a few days ago, I have not been able to view wordpress blogs with their normal themes. For example my blog looks like this:

    The error I get is:
    done, but with errors on the page

    Here is what I tried:
    cleared history, cookies, cache
    updated java (fully functional, tested on other java sites)
    system restore on my computer
    local hosts file looks normal
    firefox has the same problem, but no error

    Anyone know what’s going on here?


    I fixed the link above it should be here:



    That link produces a 404 for me.


    Any ideas?



    It looks like a blog with no formatting. Are you saying ALL blogs look like this to you, or only this one? Have you recently updated any spyware or antivirus software, or changed your connection?

    If it’s just this one, it looks like your CSS has all been stripped out. Do you have the CSS upgrade? Have you switched themes recently? The blog looks normal to me when I click on your name.


    Hi Raincoaster..

    It’s all wordpress blogs. After this started happening I ran my spyware (search and destroy) … but that didn’t change how the blogs looked.

    What do you mean by “connection”? Do you mean my ISP?

    *UPDATE* now all of the WordPress dashboard pages are coming up with this error. Even this page I can’t see any of the profile pictures.


    Thanks for your help Raincoaster…
    This is what i see at your blog:

    (everything appears normally…but the error shows at the bottom left)



    i’m having the same problem.
    everything looks messed up on my and every other wordpress blog. “your stuff” and “what’s hot” doesn’t show up. avatars just show an “x” where there should be a pic.
    however, my blog appears normal when accessed from another computer. i have also deleted cookies, internet files, cache, history files, etc. still nothing has changed.


    Looks like my blog is back! I think it was definitely and ISP issue.

    But I already moved :(

    Take care!

    (I’ll mark the thread “resolved”…if it lets me)



    mine’s back too.

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