Cannot view fresh pressed or followed blogs while logged in.

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    I downloaded Firefox 12.0 and that resolved the issue for me. Much faster than IE 8 too.


    hey all, im having the same problem as you, is this something that wordpress needs to sort out or is it a certain os etc problem? thanks



    That’s interesting. Thanks for sharing what worked for you.

    Everyone > This is to let you all know I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.


    @blessyourhippieheart. Thanks for the reply…always worried about upgrading browsers…it always seems to cause some problems either with add-ons or other features..but good to know in case there is no fix from the wordpress side. Seems strange that it would only work with a specific browser when so many people have so many different browsers and different versions.


    timethief – thanks for flagging this to staff. I am now having the same problem – now its almost the end of April and its still not respolved? Makes me wish I had never started a blog on here now :(



    I am also having the same problem for a couple of days now. I had logged out and then logged back in and now can only access my stats and dashboard.



    I spent a lot of time assembling feeds, which I now wish I had not! In Chrome, nothing loads from the reader page/ all links are dead. In Opera, I get the eternally revolving gear– nothing ever actually loads.


    I’ve been having the same problem for about a week.Four days ago I upgraded to OS X 6 (Snow Leopard) and to Safari 5.1.4. Still can’t get the Reader. Well, it worked yesterday for an hour or so then I lost it again.



    I haven’t been able to access Reader either. It shows the loading for read but never loads anything. It’s been happening for about a week. It’s very nasty, please help!



    The same problem here, i hope WP will fix this soon.



    I have just recently not been able to pull up the Reader tab – since Saturday at least. I am using Firefox.


    Same here for about a week now, it use to pretend to be loading but nothing would happen, but now today it’s not even showing the loading flower thingy!! So annoying!!



    Does the reader work for you if you go directly to!/read/ ?


    I’ve tried it many different ways for about a week and nothing happens. Sometimes the gear rolls, other times it’s just the welcome page. Once it actually opened to the blogs I follow page and the “loading” icon came up, and I left it for 1/2 hr and nothing happened. Freshly Pressed works on and off.





    Same here. Strangely, my ancient mac loads the reader fine. My PC, which is newer, does not. Running Firefox 12, cleared cache and cookies, no go.


    typing in the link doesn’t work. The ONLY TAB that works when I’m logged in is my STATS tab. So, no reader, no new post unless I go to dashboard via stats, no freshly pressed, nothing. The rest never load. I CAN use the “read” option though on my iPhone, which has a non-updated version of WordPress b/c I’ve been slack about updates. very frustrating.



    Same problem here. Using Chrome. I tried clearing cookies and cache but I think it’s a WP problem. Stats do work, though.



    I am not alone !!! Nothing works. Nor the reader tab, nor the freshly pressed tab nor anything…. What is going on ??? Would someone at WP look into this issue. Very, very frustrating.

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