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Cannot write or edit posts

  1. When I try to go and edit a post from my "Posts" tab in my admin panel, no text shows up in the box for body text. The word count shows up as "0", but the post still exists on my blog.

    When I try to add a new post through the "Posts" tab in my admin panel, I cannot write in it. Nor can I switch to the HTML tab to try to input code myself.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's ad block plus, the firefox add-on... at least for me this was the reason^^

  3. yea I seem to have the same problem but I don't want to disable adblock all of a sudden. It seems to work fine on Chrome using adblock so it's something to do with firefox?? Does anyone know what the domain name is that can be added as an exception?

  4. Ahh, I fixed it. I am using chrome, and with chrome I can disable adblock for only one page (or domain, I believe) by clicking the little stop sign at the top right of my toggles it on and off.

    Thanks for the adblock tip!

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