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Can's set the title in Recent Posts

  1. I am trying to change the title for the Recent Posts widget. I type a new title then I press "Save Changes".

    However when I view my blog the title is not updated. I always get the default title: "Most Recent Posts".

    Anyone has any ideas?

  2. Just to add that the exact same procedure is working for "Top Posts", "Categories" and "Popular Posts" widgets.

  3. When you reopen this widgets, what do you see? The old title or the new one?

    The sidebars are cached. You may be running into this.

  4. When I reopen the widget options I see the new title, so it's saved correctly. It could be a caching problem, but then why do the other widgets (e.g. "Top Posts") update immediately when I change their title?

    Moreover it's been over a day and still the title hasn't update itself.

  5. Yeah, that is strange. The cache is only something like 30 minutes as well so they would have shown up by now. I'm still seeing the old text and I clear out my cache before I start every morning.

    I'll drop an email for you with a pointer to this thread and see if we can get a staff member to look at it for you.

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