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Can't access admin panel

  1. Just recently opened up another blog on, soon going to transfer my self hosted to here, but when i try to go to, I just get redirected back to the homepage.

  2. me too! if you hear back from anyone can you let me know! its soooooo frustrating!!

  3. i think (if i remember correctly) the best thing to do in this situation is send a feedback to staff. Good luck!

  4. Same thing happens to me.

    Judy, we can't send any messages to the staff right now until Monday, so that's frustrating, too :(

  5. Do you have the blue admin bar across the top of your screen? Under My Account there is a link to Contact Support. I believe someone checks in on that over the weekend for major issues. Not being able to access your blog is considered a major issue.

  6. Same for my new blog. I can go to the blog address but when I use the site admin link it just redirects me to I went to contact support as judyb12 said, but the page says "Support Temporarily Closed, Support is closed for the weekend."

  7. Now I have full access to my site's admin panel. No more redirecting to Crossing fingers...

  8. Same here. I wonder if it is just a matter of time? mmason73 says they successfully accessed their admin page after one hour.

    Other users have been posting about the same problem:

  9. If you read the thread i linked to here and in the other 2 active threads, you will see that we can't do anything about it on the forums, and an email to support is warranted.

  10. judyb12, I'm not sure the issue in the topic you linked to is the same as in these three other threads.

    The member in the thread you shared says they get a message saying their blog is suspended, while it isn't actually (or shouldn't). I am not getting this message, on the other hand, and as far as I understood pardyj and the two other members from the other threads I mentioned aren't either.

    We just can't access our new blogs. We are re-directed to the home page, but no mention of suspension. Is that the same problem sshrdp (the member's post you linked) is having?

  11. @hroswith: Ack! You're right. Sorry :(

  12. Because bloggers and moderators voluntarily answering questions on the forum do not have backend access to blogs you will have to contact staff for a technical "fix".

  13. You may want to clear your browser's cookies and try again.

  14. User mmason73 and myself have had the same problem, but it resolved automatically. It was only a matter of a few hours. (unrelated to cookies, etc).

    My new blog is working fine now. What about yours?

    Some other users have had the same problem today. See these threads:

  15. I'm having the same trouble, but I found it rather amusing. See, I registered mine as a private blog. I'm gettin' a bit more privacy than I wanted, eh? lol

  16. @ tzaphoni
    LOL - that was amusing. :) Hope you can access it soon. Hehe!

  17. Yep. I can get in now. Hope everyone else can too. :)

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