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    Hi all,

    Will be short to save your time.

    I have a blog here:
    Currently when I try to log into it, I’m redirected to Although I’m an admin of – that’s not that blog I want to manage currently :)
    Could you please explain why am I redirected and how can I get the full access to iknowsmth again?

    Kind regards,


    Log out of wordpress, clear your browser cache and cookies, and then go to this link:



    Already did it. No success. Used even other browser.
    And I’m sure that’s not browser specific problem. In my opinion the owner id of was somehow lost or changed.


    I’m afraid that you are going to have to contact staff directly then at and have them look into it for you. the buddypress site is not a wordpress.COM hosted site, so there should not be anyway for them to get mixed up, and wordpress.COM does not delete usernames or anything like that.



    I did it first and have NOT got any answer (even that “we are looking into the issue”) for a week already. From November 17th.

    ru.BuddyPress site IS site as a self hosted domain. I see it even in a list of my blogs here on


    No, ru.buddypress is a wordpress.ORG installation apparently on the wordpress.ORG servers from what I can see.

    The wordpress.COM site is a commercial venture of Automattic and is separate.



    I know the difference between COM and ORG.
    I was based on the fact that I can see in a list of blogs when I click here in a top right corner on my avatar (AdminBar).

    Anyway, the problem still exists and it’s not really important where the is located :)


    Contact staff again. That is about all I can suggest. I’m just a volunteer in the forums and have no magical powers.

    This thread has been tagged for staff attention and perhaps one of them will drop by and respond here. We never know when they are going to wander through.



    I did it (contacted) the stuff twice, actually, before writing here on the forum :) The second time was 3 days ago.

    Ok, thanks for all your responses and time.
    Will be waiting *sigh*.

    PS Already thinking of creating one more blog instead of that lost one…


    You are welcome, and it is not lost, there is just something mixed up somehow.



    The blog actually belongs to an entirely different user account, which is why you’re being redirected to a blog you do own when you attempt to access it.

    Please make sure that you’re logging in under the correct account.



    That entirely different user is me. I have 2 accounts here.
    One is abandoned and can be deleted. I logged in into it – and don’t see this blog as my own.
    Another (I’m correnty logged in) is valid and used.

    I would really appreciate if you answered on my support emails (2 of them, the same problem, got no answers from anyone) so I can provide you with more information. I want to get my access back to that site.
    Letter #2:
    Subject: Can’t access iknowsmth blog admin area.
    Date: November 21st.
    Letter #1:
    Subject: Can’t access the blog (redirected to another).
    Date: November 17th.

    iknowsmth blog has twitter account associated with my (see the widget in the footer), in the header it has the link to my own website (maintained for 3 years already). What else info should I provide to ensure that this user is me?



    Basically, does not belong to slaffik.

    The only user on the blog has a username which starts with a c.

    I’ll reply via email with further details.



    Thanks to James from Support. The problem now is resolved.

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