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Can't access Blog Statistics Info

  1. I cannot access the statistics info on my blog
    Blog url:

  2. Please try using this link and let us know how you make out >!/my-stats/

  3. Hi,

    I have the same problem. In dashboard, I can see the stats of one week but I can not acces the statistics info.

    The link 'view all' gives me!/my-stats/ which is a dead end, no return blank page.

    My blog :

  4. The page is blank. I tried that already on the left side of the dashboard.

  5. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  6. Thank you ! I keep you informed...

  7. Till now I still have the same problem, can someone from Staff give some advice or do I need to delete both bolgs and restart them?

  8. Don't delete anything! Names are not recycled here:

    This topic has a modlook so staff will see it. As volunteers, we can only advise you to be patient.

  9. Please check again, this issue should have been resolved now.

    If you all you see at!/my-stats/ are titles of the modules, click to the right of them to expand the modules.

  10. Thank for the link 1tess, I am not going to delete anything,

  11. @macmanx , at!/my-stats/ i have a list of links like

    -New Post, Reader Notifications, Stats, My Blogs and Freshly Pressed.
    Not any of them works.
    Only a click in the top right corner on my name brings me back to my site.

    -Now I remember , that months ago I could not reach Freshly Pressed any more. I used to open WordPress with this site and gave it up. I discovered that when I do a search for Freshly Pressed, in yahoo, it gives me the same page as what i get when i click for my stats.

    So for now i have to do without 'Freshly Pressed' and without the 'stats info', whitch by the way was a great feature, i hope i will not loose any more.
    Forgive me my english, I hope you understand what I am saying, I am not very good in all that technical stuff, but i enjoy having it.


  12. Would you please tell us which browser (and version of) you're using?

  13. Windows Interent Explorer 9.0

  14. Sorry, Internet.

  15. Hm, that should work. Just to be sure, would you please check from a different browser, like Firefox or Chrome?

  16. I know both browsers, but had a lot of trouble with them. I can try another computer and don't mind using Firefox there.

    - For the stats, I went to the dashboard on the left, clicked right in 'site stats' and it brougt me to the stats.
    There only the page On a Glance is missing. I can not see by month, only by day but refferers etc...seem to work fine.

  17. Ok, if you can please check from a different computer and let us know how it goes.

  18. Well, I went to that old computer, downloaded Mozilla Firefox.
    Logged into my blog and the first thing I saw was Freshly Pressed !

    Went to the Stats View All in my dashboard and saw all of them !!!
    Problem solved!

    I am as happy as what, I thank you very very much.


  19. You're welcome!

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