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Cant access domain manager login with my current username

  1. My brand new bought domain doesnt seem to work, so it seems that I need to change either DNS or Domain nameservers.
    The issue: I can access the Domain manager login, maybe there is something wrong with my user name.
    It seems like I am well logged in into WordPress, but I do not have the choice of update nameservers or even login into my domain management.
    Blog url:

  2. Sorry I meant I bought, not .com

  3. Hi there, I see that you've mapped the domain name to your blog.

    However, it appears you still need to register the name with a registrar that accepts .es domain registrations. We don't register .es domains here at, but you can still use the domain here after you've registered it through another registrar.

    You can register at GoDaddy, or any registrar of your choice:

    After it's registered, you'll need to update the name servers at your registrar to point to

    I've set back to being your primary domain, to make it easier for you to access your blog until the domain registration is set up.

    You can always get to your dashboard directly by visiting this link:

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  4. I finally went for which seems to work just fine.
    I just didnt know WP had issues with .es-

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