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Can't access email to confirm delete of blog

  1. I've already posted this (I believe), but can't seem to "subscribe" so I get notified of responses...

    Actually I need staff help on this one. I recently tried to delete the blog as I no longer need that blog, nor plan to use it in the future. The problem is the email that I used for that blog specifically is not longer one that I can access so I am unable to get any emails to confirm deletion of blog (nor anything notifications of responses to anything in the forum (which may be the reason I never received any response to my previous "calls for help" the other day.

    Please contact me at [email redacted].... The email used when I registered this blog ( is not a valid one (can no longer access).

    Thank you for your assistance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You will need to update your email to one that you have access to.

  3. Just followed instructions in above link to change email and the email that shows is one that I DO have access to.... Is there just one main account email (that's the one I have access to) or is there an email attached to each blog.

    If there is just the one email, I never received any such e-mail asking to confirm deletion. I resent the delete request and still haven't received any email asking to confirm a deletion.... I should get one pretty quickly shouldn't I?

  4. Still haven't received an email to confirm delete of blog. I'm assuming this email would come to the one I receive notifications at (main acct email???).

    I'm sorry, but this is getting frustrating.

  5. And you have checked your spam box or "social" tab (if you are a gmail user)?

  6. Have gmail.... Nothing in spam and don't see a "social" folder or anything.

  7. Meant to post earlier....
    Found "social" tab on gmail.... Nothing there ... Also checked "all email" tab and found nothing

  8. Hello?!?! Still unable to delete blog = not getting "confirm delete" email.... Check spam, check everything.... Nothing.

  9. I am seeing as being deleted.

  10. Ok - I see it as deleted now too. Thank you.

    Still not sure why email never came through, but that's another question

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