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Can't access my blog

  1. When I access the wordpress site in order to access and post on my blog, my blog is absent under the heading 'my blogs'. It's just not there. The blog is available for public viewing on the Internet though, so I know it is still there. I just can't get in to access it for posts, etc. PLEASE HELP! Frustrating!!!!

  2. My guess is that you are logged in under a different user to the one you used to create the blog.

  3. Is the blog you are trying to access ?

    If that's the case, it seems you have deleted it, which might explain why you can't access it anymore.

    Could you doublecheck?

  4. @tandave: This is my guess as well but I do not remember either my password or screename then, because I've tried every one in my arsenal. How do I find that?

    @jeherve: Yes, that blog was purposefully deleted but not:, which is the blog I want to access.

  5. @jaynib - once a blog is deleted it is gone forever even from the original owner

    If you need content from that site then your only chance is finding it in the cache for the search engines or sometimes the Wayback Machine.

  6. It also does not look like it was deleted:

    you should be able to log in and go:

    Or am I looking at the wrong blog?

  7. @auclass: Maybe I am not being clear: I had two blogs and deleted only one. is the remaining one but when I get on the wordpress site, it does not show up there. It shows I have no blogs at all when I do still have that one left. BUT the blog is still active on google as you were able to find as well. I just can't access it through the wordpress site because it doesn't show up! I can't log in through the URL you psoted above...well, I can log in but the blog does not show up at all. I'm stymied. The only other explanation is that I somehow created write spirit using other log in information. If so, I do not remember, before I deleted the one blog, they both showed up with the identical log in information.

  8. If you can log in with the link I gave above you should be able to access that specific blog and account. I am a bit at a loss other than to suggest you try the Universal fix it for browser issues below.

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