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can't access my blog

  1. earlier today my blog couldn't be accessed from my dashboard ... i had to go to my history and get to the URL manually ... all instances of my posting on "a second chance" had also disappeared from my dashboard history

    whenever i just went to the URL for my blog i had the "New Post" option so i figured it was a weird server issue or something that would be resolved soon

    a couple hours later, i can still get to the URL ( but i don't have any admin options, and it's still not listed on my global dashboard

    i haven't received any notices about my blog being suspended or deleted ... am i going to die?

  2. Yes.

    We are all going to die.

    But in other news, your blog loads fine for me. Sounds like a weird back end issue that needs staff attention; drop them a line via the Support button or email support at wordpress dot com.

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