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Can't Access My Dashboard

  1. There was a temporary problem with the dashboard. We've already made changes to fix it. We're double checking to make sure everything's working properly. Are you guys still having troubles?

  2. @elcronica For the stats, if you can see a drop down menu at the top right on the stats page, can you make sure your blog is selected there? Can you see the stats then?

  3. everything seems to be back in order. first time i tried to go to my stats page it was still weird but after visiting the other parts of the dashboard it was fixed when i came back.

  4. Mine seems ok now. Thank you! Now I just have to figure out this referrer spam thing -- ugh!

    Thanks again!

  5. My blog doesn't work properly yet. I can see the sidebars in the front page of my blog but when I enter the dashboard many options are still gone, like comments, they only thing visible is profile and tools.

    And my stats are gone, only the date 04/16 appears with 149 visitors.

    I've tried loging off but nothing is resolved

  6. danielleeastman

    my blog dashboard/stats page isn't working either... thanks in advance for any help you can give... :))

  7. danielleeastman

    oops nevermind. i did the recommendation above (made sure it was selected from the drop-down) and it worked - ta da! thanks!

  8. @elcronica and niabliss
    Neither of you posted the URLs for the blogs to which you are referring. Please do that now starting with http:// so your blogs can be located.

  9. @elcronica Try opening your dashboard by typing /wp-admin/ at the end of your blog URL. Like this:

  10. I have a feeling the temporary problem happened while WP pushed out some changes to the back end. The way things stand now I have "dashboard" showing up under the New Post menu. For those of us who only have one blog this is counter-intuitive. For those of us with only one blog the New Post area of the bar should be a function, not a menu. It should only be a menu for people who have more than one blog.

    /two cents

  11. @shoutabyss We're working on fixing that. :)

  12. Ditto to all the above.

  13. Forget my prior post; I followed the drop down instruction and things are back to normal. THANKS!

  14. @designsimply that helped thanks

  15. Thanks! I appreciate you and the rest of the team! :)

  16. My blog returned earlier but has vanished again three times in the past 10 minutes, i can't post anything either when the blog is there, and if i go onto my blog and click dashboard that is when the blog vanishes. My catagories are messed up aswell. I have had enough for one day and am logging off and hope things are back to normal tomorrow. I'd rather delete the damn blog myself than put up with this all day again tomorrow.

  17. @gypsyazura Try clicking on the My Dashboards option in the gray admin bar and selecting your blog from there. You have more than one blog and you should be able to select which dashboard you want to use from the My Dashboards menu.

    Not sure what the issue with your categories could be. Maybe it's that you're just not in the right dashboard, but would need to have more info. about what the problem is.

  18. disgruntledcommuter

    Something's definitely changed: before if I went to 'my account' and then 'stats' I got the stats for my main blog ( Now I get the stats for my Global dashboard, which is the one with no hits except on one day. I can see the stats for the blog, but first I have to go to the dashboard for my blog, and then on to the stats - two clicks instead of one.

    No big deal, but I think it was better the way it was before - afaics there's no sense in there being stats for the global dasboard although combined stats for my two blogs might be interesting I suppose, if you want to have just one.

  19. @designsimply i came back to try again...still same problem, if i go onto my blog and then click dashboard my blog disappears and the same happens if i click new post. I have the correct blog visible the other one is invisible and i have double checked to make sure of that.

  20. I'm still having the same fault. I'm confident you'll get it back up and running soon, though, so I'm not too worried.

  21. Can i just add i am at the point of deleting my blog as i spent two days working hard on it and have had this problem since early this afternoon, it is frustrating and annoying as i can do nothing as my blog keeps vanishing.

  22. @gypsyazura The trouble you were having may have been a little different than the one other people in this thread were experiencing. I have made an update to your account. Can you please lot out and log back in again and let me know if it works properly after that?

  23. OK, i'll do that now and let you know.

  24. @puppetmister Try it again now.

  25. Aaaarrrggghhh still same thing happens. This time both my blogs were on dashboard but as soon as i go on to the blog and click dashboard the blog vanishes and i get the global dashboard instead.

  26. @gypsyazura Can you try one more thing for me? Clear cache and cookies and then login again:

  27. I did that. Still same. Blog is there when i log in but if I go onto blog and then click my dashboard the blog vanishes.

  28. Under "My Dashboards" at the top of the screen, which used to just be a button, I now have a drop-down list showing my blog, followed by "dashboard", then "Manage Blogs". I too had the stats scare/problem until I selected my blog from the list under "My Dashboards".

    However, if I click on "My Dashboard", then my own blog, the section titled "Your Stuff", under "Today", shows four postings that I did not make... it is as if they are postings on other WordPress blogs, or somehow my account has become crosslinked to someone else's. This is confusing!

  29. @mathmaine Can you try clearing browser cache and let me know if that fixes the problem for you?

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