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    I am going to delete the blog as we are not getting anywhere here and i have a blog i can’t use in any way, and have been unable to use for at least 10 hours. The Welsh are not known for their patience!!



    I have cleared my cache, and the “My Dashboard” at the top of the window is back to being a button (no longer a drop-down). However, the “Your Stuff” section, under “Today” still shows four posts that are NOT mine (it showed five a few minutes ago)

    For a few minutes before I cleared my cache, looking at My Dashboard produced no information other than the “Your Stuff” section…

    Things feel very unstable today, and were working weirdly while I was editing a new post… however, I am done editing for today, and hope things calm down over the weekend.



    Having problems as well!


    @designsimply, my problem is that even if I’m viewing my blog ( and click on “my dashboard” it takes me to the “global dashboard.” Yesterday it would take me to the blog specific dashboard, which is what I want! What is this global dashboard thing and how do I make it go away?! I want to be able to go specifically to the photography blog dashboard from the gray function bar thing, not whatever this “global dashboard” thing is!



    I found the Global Dashboard had become my primary blog, for some reason . This can be altered by clicking ‘ Manage Bogs ‘ in the Dashboard tab . It worked for me .


    I have started a blog, and I have posted. I gave people the site name but nobody can find it. I tried to find it and I couldn’t unless I log in. Do people that want to read your blog have to become members in order to find you and post comments?



    Typo : that should have read Manage Blogs .



    Now, my Blog Stats just disappeared . . . more maintenance problems, I suspect?



    I cannot publish or edit my blog. I do not have a Publish/Edit module for my blog. The tags and categories do not show either.


    @gypsyazura You shouldn’t delete your blog! Can you contact us in support directly? We can take a really close look and also keep better track of what’s happening in your blog that way.

    @mathmaine We are working on the site today. :) If you continue to have trouble with the “Your Stuff” section, can you contact us in support so we can take a closer look at your blog?

    @rachelrufferphotography We’re working on the global dashboard link troubles. For now, can you reach your dashboard by going to (replace YOURBLOG with your blog name).

    @empoweredlady1 That’s a separate issue, you should start a new thread.

    @merovee That workaround may work for now. We’ll see if we can get all the links straightened out too. Working on it!

    @bmerry7 @shawnfrancis Can you contact support directly?



    My blog is and I have already reached WP support. I can reach my dashboard ( many things have changed; honestly, I do not like the changes), but I have to click in new post. If I click dashboard, I only see that extrange global dashboard.



    My 2 cents I refreshed my page and noticed my dashboard is newer looking compared to what it looked like before I refresh the page. Staff must be completing some back end changes.


    Dash Before »

    Dash after Refresh »


    Early in the afternoon, I was dealing with the same issues listed here, then things seemed to be fixed, with the new dropdown menu for the dashboard. I’ve done everything suggested, but as of now, I’m back to having a “My dashboard” button instead of a “Dashboards” button, but it takes me to the Global dashboard, and I’m back to the same problems as earlier, not able to access anything. I’m not entirely worried about it yet, since I realize there are tech issues going on, but I just wanted to add to the user’s updates posted here, in case there is something unnoticed going on.


    I can access my dashboard now, but clicking around, but still not through the “Dashboards” button.


    @shesboxingclever We’re working to fix the My Dashboards links now. In the mean time, the links to your blog dashboard in the left column on the My Blogs page should get you to your dashboard.



    I got my stats back but when I try to enter a new post everything looks weird. Can’t post, can’t do anything.



    can somebody tell me what is going on? clicking on my dashboard and it brings me to your announcements. clicking onto my blog and it takes me on a merry go round to all else except my blog. clicking to new post and it brings me to your global dashboard. you sure you guys are working hard on this? if there is a required maintenance issue or if you like to introduce a new feature, always do it one at a time please and also, at least let us be informed through email…


    @kdwillis Can you contact support. This thread is about the My Dashboard links and your issue sounds like it’s possibly something else.


    Here’s where things stand at the moment (I’m NOT bitching, just giving an update) It seems the only way I can access the dashboard for my blog is by clicking the “New Post” button. Clicking anything else just takes me to the Global Dashboard. While in the global dashboard, I can not access any parts of my own blog other then what’s normally in the little dashboard box…all other links are missing, can’t add a page, can’t add a link, can’t check comments on my blog etc. I did notice that when I clicked the “blog stats” link, it gave me stats on my own blog with a tiny little link in brackets at the top that takes me to my own dashboard in a pop-up window (okay, now that part is frustrating)
    And an odd little quirk about the My Dashboards button on the top navbar….On my blog, it only takes me to the Global Dashboard, but in the forums, the dropdown is there. I do have plenty of patience to just sort of click things and see where they take me, but it will sure be nice when you guys are able to get things back to running smooth! Keep up the good work!



    @shesboxingclever – have you tried clearing your cache and cookies and logging in again?

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