Can't access my dashboard, but can check stats.

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    At the moment I am having trouble accessing my dashboard but can still check my stats. I have had this problem before for about a week then it seemed to just work again?! I mainly use Google chrome, but after reading some posts on here from people who were experiencing the same thing I tried using safari, which works intermittently.

    Any advice appreciated please, very frustrated arrrgh! :-)

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you in the UK?


    Yes I am and I am with talk talk :-(


    Yes I am and I am with talk talk :-(



    yes I’m with talktalk in the UK and have been struggling to access my 3 blogs – one in particular won’t load

    is this a repeat of what happened back in November?



    Yes it appers so eljaygee. It drove me mad last time – what is wrong with WordPress that they can’t fix this. So angry. I can’t move all of my client’s websites – it would take me weeks.



    found this explanation in forum support –

    As of March 12th, is being blocked for TalkTalk, Sky, and BT Care users. This is the result of being listed on an advisory list with the Internet Watch Foundation. As a result, users of these services will likely have issues accessing their Dashboard. We are in correspondence with the IWF and are attempting to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


    Thanks for the info :-)

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