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Can't access Presentation Page

  1. I'm trying to access my Presentation Page to change the theme of my new blog and it won't let me. It just sits and "thinks" forever (I've let it go on since this morning... almost 5 hours now "thinking")

  2. This is the only thing I cannot seem to do in wordpress and I can't get to the presentation page of any of my blogs. All other functions seem to be acting normally (as do all other websites and applications on my computer). Refreshing doesn't help, shutting down the computer doesn't help, and I've been trying since last Friday.

  3. Hey there, could you tell us what Operating system and browser/browser version you're using, please.

    Also have you tried a forced reload?

    Or clearing your cache/cookies?

  4. Windows 2003

    Microsoft Internet Explorer (whatever came with Windows 2003)

  5. (and yes, a forced refresh doesn't work either)

  6. Did this happen to both blogs at the same time?
    Have you any security software that could have updated at that time?
    If you try Firefox does that work?

  7. I created the new blog today... I've been trying to change the presentation on my original blog since Friday. And, no, using Firefox doesn't change it at all... still just sits there with the little blue fireballs chasing each other and doing nothing to get to that page.

  8. Okay, I still can't get to the presentations page. I've tried on several different computers, so it can't just be my computer being slow. Any ideas????

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