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can't access theme editor

  1. i don't know what happened, but i was in the middle of playing around with a theme and then was logged out. i logged back in, and now my website design is all screwed up. i try to log on through and it lets me, but it takes me straight to and i can't get to the theme editor there. i can't install any themes or edit any files for my site

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there!
    Is this the blog you are asking about and linked to your name:

    That is a blog, so are you not able to get to your dashboard to select a different theme?
    dashboard —> appearance —>themes —> make a choice of the available themes.

  3. Do you have domain mapping with that site?
    If so, that upgrade still has the same constrictions as any other blog:

  4. You can't install themes at You can't even edit existing themes without the paid CSS upgrade and a sound knowledge of CSS.

    Have you read this:

  5. raincoaster
    Thanks. You completed my series of q's to the OP.

  6. i have the paid upgrade, i have the domain mapping already, it just gets screwy every once in a while and logs me out and doesn't let me back in and changes the whole theme

  7. Volunteers don't have backend access to blogs. Only Staff can affect technical "fixes"

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