can’t access to new blogS (same username)

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    I have just registered for two new blogs under the same username of ‘bodicea’ (which was originally used for I tried to access their dashboards by clicking on the dashboard links which came under ‘Your blogs:’, but I kept going back to the main WordPress front page.

    The only dashboard I’m able to access to is my first blog, HonestlyDead.

    I tried accessing my other two new blogs through their URLs, and, and I saw that I couldn’t even find the ‘Edit’ link in the default posts.

    What’s going on and how can I solve this issue?



    This is a known back-end issue that staff will have to fix for you. There are several threads on the subject in the forum but I don’t think there is a successful workaround. Send in a feedback and they should get on it quickly.

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