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    I’m posting for a friend. Since she posted on her blog this morning, she has not been able to access at all – not to check her post, answer comments, or access the dashboard. She can’t even visit other WordPress blogs. Each attempt fails to load and times out.

    Is there an email support address? Any advice I can give her? She can’t get support because she can’t log onto wordpress. Her email is (email redacted)

    The blog I need help with is



    If you look around the forum you will see that there are a great many people having the same issues.

    Are you using the new Post button in the grey Admin bar, or are you posting from the Dashboard->Posts->New Post page? The latter works better.

    What browser and version are you using?

    Have you enabled https on your blog?

    What is your ISP?


    I am doing fine on wordpress. I have seen similar problems on the forums.

    My friend who actually has the problem can’t even get to the dashboard! That’s why I’m posting for her. How else can she get support when WordPress won’t let her in??

    She’s at and (email redacted)



    I need those answers from her, then.


    Firefox 15.0 on PC and Safari on iPhone and iPad.

    ISP – Comcast

    All of this is the same as this morning when it was working.

    Https not enabled, and can’t be enabled without access to the dashboard.



    Thanks. I will flag this for staff attention. Comcast has done this once before, so that makes me think it is down to them.



    See if she can connect if she tries on, say, a Starbucks wifi connection.


    Things look back to normal this morning. Thanks SO MUCH for helping in this unusual situation.

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