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can't access WP dashboard (ever)

  1. I can't access the Admin dashboard at all. It isn't slow. It doesn't work sometimes. I can't manage my blog at all although I can view the blog.

    I cleared all cookies. I tried IE 6.0. I tried another PC. However I seem to loop in a recursive, infinite http/https hell.

    It seems that, althought there are problems, others are continuing to work. Now I'm getting really paranoid.

    Firefox ( has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

  2. I just created a brand new shiny WP blog and accessed the dashboard fine.

  3. Have successfully reset my password but still can not access my WP dashboard. I would be eternally grateful if someone, somewhere could reset whatever needs to be reset.

  4. doesn't work doesn't work

    I am using the Regulus theme and disabled the Admin/Login buttons from the sidebar so I can't use those.

  5. Have you tried with a "/" at the end?

  6. Hi Donncha

    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, this just hung indefninitely in IE 6.0 and Opera 8.53 and produced the same 'Redirect' error in Firefox.


  7. seems like it's not the browser's problem, but rather some app like personal firewall (or may be corporate one) blocks at least outgoing access on HTTPS port (443).

    so, it makes sense to check fw rules, if any.

  8. firewall? so, why is it only cocking up as of two days ago?

    and besides, last I check, my computers allowed me to access WordPress on the original settings. besides, I've got no firewall running here for ease of convenience.

    how? :(

  9. I have this exact issue! My other blgo works just fine, but one is giving this trouble. No idea how to fix it!! Why isn't there a support email!? Ahhh!!!

  10. Thoughtpre - Thanks to the fine efforts of WordPress support, I am pleased to say that my problem is now resolved.

    Ryan posted this elsewhere so send him an email and he should be able to resolve your problem too.


    If anyone has a login problem and the lost password link on the login page does not fix it, send me an email at ryan at wordpress dot com. Be sure to mention the name of your site.

  11. Yes! It has been fixed. SO happy now.

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