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    Hi all,

    I’ve gone to this theme page on, press activate, and it just takes me back to my Dashboard and the theme does not change from 2010:

    Any ideas on how to fix this?


    The blog I need help with is


    There are some issues right not in the dashboard which leads me to believe that staff are rolling out some code changes. Give it a little time, perhaps an hour and hopefully things will be running smoothly again.


    brandonjwood, everything should be good now.



    Several minutes ago I paid for the Traction theme for my blog and expected that it would immediately activate. However, it says I still have one of the free templates, Titan by The Theme Foundry. So, for all I know, I purchased Traction, but it looks I have to purchase it again in order to activate. (Which I’m not going to do).

    Not sure where I went wrong in my purchase or etc.

    I even got the email that notified me of Traction’s successful purchase.
    (Your Upgrade was purchased successfully.)
    So I don’t understand why I’m not seeing it activated on my blog…why Titan is still the current theme. Admittedly, I’m very, very new to WordPress, so there’s a lot I don’t understand as I continue to learn how to navigate and work with all of this.

    More than anything, I’m concerned about where my money went.

    How can I get my $68 refunded immediately?

    Thank you!




    thisistesting123, sorry about the trouble there!

    Please contact us via to get this sorted out or request a refund.



    I had twenty ten theme up on my blog site now it is not showing up. And I can’t reset it.
    Each time I try to activate it it will not show up in the twenty ten layout. Can you help me on this.



    Hiā€”from your WP dashboard go to Appearance > Themes and click “Popular” to see Twenty Ten quickly. It should be the first result; then click “Activate” to set it as your theme.



    I had the same problem as thisistesting123 with Fresh News Theme ! I sent two messages to happiness engineers through contact support form but I still didn’t got any answer ?

    I’m really mad because I have a lot of plans to do on my blog but I can’t do them without activating the theme.

    How did you got the problem sorted ?



    @expressjr First of all, check your email spam folder to make sure that Support’s email didn’t end up there.

    If it has been more than a few days since you sent your support request (Support was closed for about 3 days), then try contacting them again

    I have also tagged this thread for their attention.



    No the mail is not in the spam folder :S

    I sent them a message on Saturday and another one few hours ago.



    Hello there,
    Staff have reactivated the support link so I would do as justjennifer suggests ie. try contacting them again



    Oh dear! I apologize. :( As you have recontacted Staff a few hours ago I wouldn’t contact them again. I would just wait for them to get to my support ticket. .

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