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Can't add a chatbox to

  1. I have checked through several questions and replies to do with adding a chatbox to blogs.

    However, some say you can't, others say you can use Meebo, Google Talk and Talkinator.
    There's a huge problem... You can't create a room chat on Meebo anymore.
    Google Talk and Talkinator do no work weather using a html widget box, in a post or page.

    What is the solution to this please!?!
    If there isn't one... It is extremely stupid for not allowing a chatbox to be put in. I'll have to resort to using blogger which I don't really want to.


  2. That is about all there is. WordPress isn't blocking chatboxes, it's that they use code that is a security risk.

    Best of luck at Blogger.

  3. Security risk?
    What is there about using ShoutBox or ChatBox?
    They should at least allow them. It's kinda silly.

  4. No it's not provided you comprehend the fact that this is a multiuser blogging platform. Our blogs are sharing the same underlying architecture. They are not freestanding so one instance of bad code in one blog could bring down many blogs. Best wishes at Blogger.

  5. Thank you guys for the replies

    I wanted some more universal for everyone to join in and chat - chatroom.
    Not just a chat to me. Something like Shoutbox or Chatango.
    Also, Talkinator doesn't work. And Meebo is like Google Talk.

    Thanks again.

  6. @sticksama

    I wanted some more universal for everyone to join in and chat - chatroom.

    Why don't you register a free forum on the internet and then link to is from your blog?

  7. Ah well, thanks for the report that Talkinator has bit the dust.

  8. Yes thanks for that information re: Talkinator. I have just updated my post.

  9. @sticksama, someone get the code, modifies it to distribute malware or keyloggers, or modifies it to somehow mess up the system here and has a meltdown.

    If you want to have ultimate freedom, self-host your own wordpress installation on a third-party hosting service and you can install anything you want. Figure about $10 to $25 per month, all costs considered.

    Self-hosting comes with more responsibility. You have to do all installations, all upgrades, all backups and all troubleshooting. If you install a chatbox that kills your site (and there are many badly written plugins out there that will) then you have to figure it out and fix it.

    WordPress has made it a lot easier to self-host, but there is still extra work and the downside of being able to do whatever you want is that you can do whatever you want, which includes killing your site.

    Backups! Backup regularly and before any additions or updates so you can at least resurrect a dead site reasonably quickly.

  10. I'd prefer more security over yet more opportunities to chat with people. Staff have obviously made the same decision.

    You need to understand that our blogs share a significant portion of their "backbones" with all other blogs using the same theme. That means that you are always exposed to the worst security risk that the dumbest person using that theme considers acceptable. THAT is why the security restrictions are the way they are.

  11. As a web designer, I get paid a good bit of money to fix "...but it was just a little bit of code that does this really cool thing that I put on my site." Seriously, there is a lot of really, really, really dodgy code out there, some of it on purpose and some of it because the person writing it doesn't have the necessary experience.

    I don't know that WordPress is necessarily averse to chatboxes, but the people on the other end have to be willing to work with WordPress and meet their security demands. WordPress simply will not implement things on a whim that could bring down a substantial number of sites here.

  12. If it's so fabulous, put it in a custom menu. Voila, instant chat that appears to be inside your WP blog.

  13. Create a custom menu and then use the custom link feature there.

  14. @mtprower-kindly read the forum code of conduct at the top of this forums, especially concerning, "We love positive and productive discussions, so please keep comments on the topics at hand and not on other members of the community."

    The suggestion tt gave to you regarding Meebo was at present the one official solution we have for a chat box on our site. It doesn't matter if you like it or her. The only other option we presently have is the Google Talk badge, which I mentioned in my reply above.

    If Chatango is a superior product, then please write it up in the Ideas forum or suggest it directly to Staff.

  15. And please give us the link to your site. The site linked to your username seems to be self-hosted on hostgator (and by the look of it, suspended).

  16. Oh, I didn't see the crack he made about TT. I could answer the question, but now I think I'll just leave him to puzzle it over. That and the cost of going ad hominem in a social economy.

  17. @mtprower

    The site linked to your username is not a blog.

    Your personal comments, so negative, so unproductive, so useless: you have been marked as a spammer.

    In future, please keep a civil tongue when you post in these forums.

  18. I'll close this thread.

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