Can't add a link to my Gravatar profile

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    @thistimethisspace same to you.


    @ macmanx

    Of course I used “my links” on my Gravatar account trying to add said link to the profile (the Gif you quoted is part of my struggle to find a solution to the problem). It just won’t add the link to my profile, no matter what I try.


    And, @cosgroveloretta, sorry for hijacking the thread with the OT conversation. Again, I hope you get it figured out. As @macmanx, mentioned, doublecheck to make sure you’re adding links on, not on


    And please forgive me if I’m not coming across as clear as I should, English is not my first language :/


    Loretta, based on your profile, it appears that German is your first language, yes?

    Just to let you know, there is a German support forum at



    What is the URL and title of the link you’re trying to add?


    Thanks for the hint, Andrew, but I prefer this support forum, even with the language barrier (which isn’t as high as it may sound). For reasons ;)


    @ macmanx

    It’s my main blog at
    The title is “Der elektrische Bücherwurm”.



    The “ü” character appears to have been causing it to fail. I just entered it as a “u” for now.


    The Umlaut was it?


    I just tried now to add the link with the alternative spelling “ue” instead “ü” – it works. And I feel just a little bit embarrassed now not to think about that myself all the time…

    But thank you guys so much! At least I learned something about the evil ways of my language :D



    You’re welcome!

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