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Can't Add a Picture to My Posts

  1. I read the sticky about not being able to add pictures and I didn't find anything there that helped. When I am creating a new post, I hit the Add Image button and upload a picture. I name it and then hit the Add to Post button. The window goes blank and nothing happens. I have tried to add pictures from the Gallery, but the same thing happens.

    Please help me!


  2. Try inserting from the "media library."

    First, make sure you see the cursor blinking in your post. If it isn't, click in the post where you wish to insert the image to place the cursor. Click on the "add media" button (round icon, far left) and then click on "media library" link at the top of the window. Then find the image you wish to insert and click on the thumbnail at the left. Once the window changes to the insert screen, make the changes you wish and then click on the "insert into post" button.

  3. Thanks for your reply. However, I forgot to mention that I have tried it that way, too, with no luck.

  4. OK, this is a little more long-winded, but it should work. Go to the media library, find the image you want to insert and copy the URL of the image to the clipboard (ctrl+c windows, cmd+c mac). Go back to your post and click on the tree icon in the toolbar and then paste the URL of the image into the Link URL field and then click "insert." The image should show up for you.

    The new image insert function still seems to have some bugs.

  5. Thanks for all that info!! However, same thing, I forgot to mention that I have tried that several times, too, without success.

  6. Something is wrong then, and since I can't look over your shoulder as you are doing it, I'm afraid I'm out of suggestions.

  7. Glass, I finally ended up downloading Safari for windows as FF and IE wouldn't insert it. This morning Firefox worked though. Going through the posts there seems to be dozens of pleas on this problem. The image uploader seems to have very, very major problems not just a few bugs.

  8. IE error


    With firefox work fine.

  9. Firefox has been just as bad for me.

  10. Yes, firefox is so slow.

    Christie, a TIP:

    1- Upload your image.
    2- Close the panel.
    3- Again Click on "Add image" button (Add Media)
    4- Click on Media Library and choose the picture.
    5- Copy the Link URL.
    6- Close the panel.
    7- Click on "Insert/edit image" button (the tree or "IMG")
    8- Paste the Link URL on "Image URL" , then click on "INSERT".

    * New WP design is a big mistake. Now WP is a low quality blog. Very sad.

  11. Sorry!!!


  12. Same problem since yesterday, impossible to upload any images !! it seems there is a bug on the wordpress platform.

    Please any fix ?

  13. What is your browser and version, please.

  14. thesacredpath, thanks for all your help!

    elcadillo, I tried you TIP a few times without any success.

    raincoaster, I am using IE 7.0

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions!! I am going to give them a try right now

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