Can't Add A Simple Drop Down Menu

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    I wanted to add a dropdown menu to my site for easy navigation between pages. I’ve been using this site to generate the html code:

    When I’ve gone to add it, it initially shows up. But upon publish it just lists the options next to eachother in standard font.

    The blog I need help with is



    Create a custom menu and add pages and sub-pages to it and/or add categories pages and sub-pages the result will be dropdowns.


    I am having the same problem today. I have a custom menu set up and it shows the page I want in the drop down menu as a sub item under the correct main page. However, when I save and refresh, the pages still appear side by side on the home page.



    There is no blog linked to your username and you failed to post a URL. 1. Post the URL for the blog in question.
    2. Confirm or deny that you do have the same issue ie. that you were also using that code which dkcadmin provided the link to and which our the software strips out here or not?
    3. If you are not using the code dkcadmin referred to above and you are referring to a free hosted WordPress.COM blog see here


    I am an idiot when it comes to site building. English is my native language, but I haven’t a clue what your item #2 is telling me to do. I have a free hosted Word Press blog that I am trying to start up and have no idea how to link my user name to my blog. I am just trying to find out why making a page a sub item is not working and noticed that dkcadmin is having the same issue. Is it a WordPress issue and not my mistake? Since they give no support to free sites, this is a frustrating experience.



    The issue I’m having with menus is that I want to put them on select posts. Essentially there’s 30 team pages, I’m hoping to create a drop down menu on the page to make it easy to navigate between them so you can quickly look at one team, and then go to another.



    @emptybranches – what is the URL beginning with http of the blog you need help with? We need that to give you accurate help

    @dkcadmin – use the custom menu referred to above – have one page called “Teams” (or what ever you want to call it.

    Then have individual pages for each team – the Individual team pages would have ‘Teams” as the Parent



    @auxcass I’m having some success here, but I’m not able to make it a dropwdown. It’s just becoming a list

    (sorry for the problem before)



    From my testing it looks like Pages can’t be made to work as a drop down as a Widget in the Sidebar

    Pages should work as a drop down if the Custom Menu is displayed across the top of the Theme

    See my Test site here:

    The Custom Menu is with the header –

    A sort of work around would be to make the Pages into Posts and use the Category Widget with a single Category for each main team page as the Category Widget can be made into a drop down if you want it in the sidebar

    Oxygen has some quirks I have not worked with –

    don’t make any changes yet since my “workaround” is a lot of work unless you can move the Custom Menu or use a different theme –

    Lets see if someone else has an idea that will do what you want (Pages in a drop down on Oxygen) – others do more with themes than I do

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