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Cant add another blog

  1. Hi!

    Everytime I try to add another blog from the main site my browser crashes. So far it was Safari and Firefox crashing and today it crashed Camino. I really needed to add one more blog today.

    hoping someone can help.

  2. please help. the page is making my browsers crash. i've just joined the edm drawing group and want to post challenge #65 - noses in a new blog. thank you.

  3. somebody please help me. I am unable to add new blogs and when I try to edit options in one of my blogs both my browsers are consistently crashing :(

  4. I have no mac so I have no knowledge of these browsers and their performance. But if this were the case for all macs then we'd have had a lot more incidents - could there be anything different for your machine? The way it handles javascript for instance? The way is happens cross-browser suggests a code problem common to each.

  5. podz, I think you are right. coz both these crash too when i try to view gmail in the standard version as opposed to html only. but what i cant understand is why it happens for one of my wordpress blogs and not the others and why just for one of the options. do you have any suggestions? would really appreciate your advice

  6. I managed to add a blog with no problem from a winxp computer. problem is that i will be back at home and on my powerbook after a week.

    any solution in terms of removing some file physically etc. which could stop this problem would be of great help. I have done the standard steps of deleting cache several times over etc. with no help. It's making my online life miserable as both blogs crash along with all the tabs that i've opened :(

    thank you in advance.

    using mac os x 10.3.9
    safari 1.3.2 and firefox 2.01a

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