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Can't add audio (mp3 or wave) to my blog, over and over

  1. hello, i read all the discussion but still couldn't figure it our.
    My sound is in and it's exact link is
    NOw plz anybody tell me the exact code to paste in my post so that after publishing, the player will be shown. I am totally frustrated . Plz anybody help

  2. That link plays an Enigma piece, but the mp3 starts with an advertisement of Are you sure that this is what you want in your post?

  3. yes, its just the example. I had my library of recorded voice. Any way i just want the exact code to paste in my post. Pls have sympathy over me. I just want the code. My frist concern is not avoiding the advertisement but if its possible then suggest me. I just want the code. I have already pasted my link of audio.
    Pls say my code.

  4. [audio URL_HERE]



    Make sure the URL is pasted as plain text, not a live link (that is, not blue if you paste it in the visual editor).

  5. wow!! wow!! that worked. Mr/Mrs panaghiotisadam you are really great. I am so happy,this application has broadened my dimension of blog.
    But still !! my last question , then i will not irritated you ? heeh

    Can i avoid that mypodcast advertisement ?

  6. Heeh!

    I don't know how MyPodcast works - do they automatically add that to your mp3s? If so, upload them elsewhere. Must be a host that allows you to get the DIRECT URLs (e.g. Fileden or Getdropbox).

    PS1 Nothing great about my previous reply: it's all in the FAQs.
    PS2 It's a Mr.

  7. The audio shortcode does not need an = sign. However, you should add it in the HTML editor.

  8. "The audio shortcode does not need an = sign. However, you should add it in the HTML editor."

    Sorry, the equals version is a valid alternative, and you can add the audio shortcode in either the html or the visual editor.

    Check this thread please:

  9. @ Mr panaghiotisadam , again your gratefulness, i opened my account in, that was perfect . Booooooo to and it's nonsense advertisement. Now my probelm is solved. Thank your very very very very much.

  10. I'm glad and you're most welcome! (And ignore Jane's wrong remark above.)

  11. vizibleinvizible

    Ok...this seems like a very "rich" topic...and unfortunately I also have problems with audio posting.

    I have my audi file uploaded on a local user generated content platform (our local YouTube :) ) and, following instructions from previous posts, i have the following line in my HTML post window:


    A very nice thingie appears on my blog, but when I try to play the file, it just says "error opening file" or it simply starts buffering...but nothing else happens.

    Can you please help me with this? Am I doing something wrong or is it the fault of the website in which I uploaded my audio file.

    The link above is given by the site in cause.

    Many thanks!


  12. That link goes to a page, not to the file itself. You need a direct link to the file and since I don't read the language, I can't find it. The file should end with .mp3

  13. Please help - I don't understand this stuff either.

    Last year I uploaded mp3 files onto uploadhut, and they gave me a link which I posted into my blog - no problem.

    Now uploadhut has disappeared, so I'm using something called filefactory instead, but I don't understand how to make the link so that it works ...

    I tried to follow the instructions on the FAQ and in here, and I wrote this

    which isn't a link, it's not clickable, and if I paste it into a browser it gives me an error message. Can you tell me what I should be doing?

    Thank you very much.


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  14. I'm doing the same thing, but I'm not uploading the files. They are already on the internet. Should be easy enough right? The link I am using is
    Always get an error message when I try to play the music. Is there any other way I can do this?
    On you can make your own playlist, then it give you a code you can paste onto your website. I tried the code, but it didn't work. Sometimes it just showed the HTML as text, other times it dissapeared.
    If this HTML on thing doesn't and never will work, how do I make the [audio work?

  15. Wait, so Vivian, your basically saying that I can't the audio on OK, then nevermind. ;)

  16. You cannot use the link you've given. That is the link to the page where the MP3 is stored. You need the link to the MP3 itself. It will end with .mp3

  17. wordsdivinelywrought

    Can someone take a step back and share any wisdom re: the choices in external audio hosting services? I have seen Fileden, getdropbox, and filefactory mentioned. Are these the most popular sites of this kind? Any tips on which is/are most user friendly, most reliable, and most likely not to go out of business as soon as I start using them? I work on an older Mac powerbook G4, OS X, if that matters. Thanks!

  18. There are some threads already in the forum about this. A lot of people use

  19. wordsdivinelywrought


    thanks. I'll do some more digging.

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