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    I know you have to have a post in order to have them show up but that’s not the problem.

    I can’t add them at all. I can change the categories that are already there but can’t add from either screen. It doesn’t update.

    It also happens across all my WP blogs. Could it be a cookie issue?


    I tried logging and rebooting, it didn’t work either.



    Probably not. Maybe if you went through what specially you’re doing and give us specifics about your setup, we might be able to help.



    I think I’m seeing a similar issue.

    The problem is on the Write Post page: I am able to add previously existing categories to a new post by ticking their checkboxes, but am not able to create any new categories, because the text entry box and ADD button have simply disappeared. (On the Edit Post page, the text box is there and works as usual.)

    I’ve posted screenshots here in case my explanation doesn’t make sense…



    I have had this issue from time to time; it comes and goes. Send staff a feedback and post as usual. Then click Edit on the post you just made and when you go to edit, the Add Categories box mysteriously appears. Worth a try.



    girlunderway, my guess is that your issue is not the same as the one one described by snippetsandbits. As your issue is easily reproducible by me and we are working on fixing it.

    IE, Add category field missing on Write Post
    It only occurs on Windows IE 6 and 7, not in Firefox. You can still add categorizes under Manage > Categorizes.



    girlunderway, your problem should now be fixed.



    Is this fixed for everyone?

    I have had this problem for months.



    Wow – it looks like it is fixed.

    Can someone now fix it for blogs?

    Does the latest downloadable code version fix it for privately hosted WP blogs?



    I think you’ll have to ask that question over here

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