can’t add code snippets in the latest wordpress updates/new versions of wordpress

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    can’t add code snippets in the latest wordpress updates/new versions of wordpress. it automatically takes out the ‘break’ code, and gobbles up my code, when i try inserting a snippet into my post. also i have issues using the blocks. i can’t stand how they won’t let me do custom wire-framing, and custom html to my posts. even when clicking the classic button, and going in to the html editor, it still extracts half the code in my snippets. it’s really frustrating, and i have to make a real web-page on my website, and send people away from wordpress to a real web-page discussing the code snippets, allowing the reader to copy from a real page from my site, instead of the wordpress blog post. what’s the point of having wordpress, if i can’t use it the way i need to? and the way it normally works? whoever the developers are working on this new block system for posts, is missing a lot of valuable perks…leaving them out completely. i might have to look for a new blogging platform now. totally not cool. i’ve even downloaded several code snippet plug-ins, looking for a fix. none of the plug-ins are up to date with the constantly changing platform of wordpress.



    Hi there,

    On what site are you working? The account you’re using to post here does not own any sites on

    If you’re using the open source WordPress software at another host, please ask for help at instead.

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