Can't add drop menu (sub item)

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    I added a page under one of my tab (as a sub item). I don’t why it wouldn’t let me add the page to the menu. Can someone help?


    The blog I need help with is



    Your blog is private and Volunteers cannot view it and help you. I’ll tag this thread for Staff. Please clearly state exactly which page (what’s the title of it?) and which sub-page (what’s the title of it?) you are referring to.


    Hey @utkhealth, you might also want to keep your eye on this thread, as it appears there’s an issue happening right now with adding subpages. Staff is looking into it.



    Thanks :)





    Thank you so much everybody!! I was able to add it last week… So I don’t know what has happened…



    As that thread states there is an issue and Staff are working on fixing it. Please be patient while waiting.



    I am also having issues with my (primary navigation) menu. I can hover over each menu tab & see the (page) sub item names underneath but it won’t allow me to select any of these sub items. My blog is


    Hey @houseofvetti, this should be a separate thread, as it is a separate issue. Could you start a new one, please? Also, we volunteers can’t see your site while it’s set to Private, so there’s not much we can suggest in terms of help until we can see it. :)


    By the way, @utkhealth, it looks like staff has resolved the sub-page problem you experienced, so take another stab at it and let us know if you have ongoing problems.

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