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Can't add Google Custom Search engine widget

  1. I am trying to include a text widget on my blog and paste the google custom search engine widget. The HTML code inside the google form is not getting saved.

  2. Please check the forum search box and discover the many threads in there. You will find that this widget cannot be posted on blogs. Frames and forms are stripped for security reasons. But, not to worry because all of your blog's visitors can do google searches themselves by opening another window.

  3. I hope I'm not stepping on toes here but as far as I know virtually all Google based widgets are Java based.
    They just won't work with a blog.
    However, if you upgrade to, those HTML problems should disappear . . . I think. 8-)

  4. Also remember that Google rarely indexes a site completly while the search function here does.

  5. Thanks for clarifying that drmike. :)

  6. you guys are just too damn smart for me ;)

  7. @badsneaker
    Stop polishing that apple and get back to blogging, eh. LOL :D

  8. You got it, dude
    The forums are kind of fun though . . .

  9. Hey, I'm no dude { SHE said fluttering her eyelashes}.

  10. Dude looks like a lady . . . {grinning}
    Maybe not. 8-)

  11. Sorry. Should have looked at your avatar. {duh!}

  12. no problem dude ;)

  13. instead of trying to embed an input *form* one can just include a hyper-link to a Goog Custom Search *homepage* into a text W.

    and yes, it's a one more click to reach search results, but it worth that as Goog just perfectly index a whole site completely, hence results just outstanding.

  14. oh, and it's extremely fast I should say, which may be significant for people whose blogs have a large number of posts and comments.

  15. thanks everyone for responding.

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