Cant add images or post or view my stats

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    I can’t add any images to my posts. I am able to upload the photos but I can not insert them into the post or set them as a featured image. It was working perfectly fine yesterday. It has stopped working for no obvious reason?

    I cant view my stats or any of the widgets on my dashboard. Most of the widgets just say “Loading”

    Can someone please help?

    The blog I need help with is




    Wish I could help, but I’m having the exact same problem.

    I cannot insert images into my posts.

    Also I cannot add tags.

    A few other things that weren’t working yesterday have been fixed, so I have hope this will be fixed soon, but I am still having problems.

    Any help out there would be greatly appreciated.


    Was also having the same problem with uploading pictures. Found this handy link on a different thread:
    Try clearing your cache. Worked for me.


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    Thread tagged so we can hope staff will see this when the come by the forums.



    I’m having the same issue where I can upload images, but can’t link anything to my posts.



    I can’t upload images either!
    Or add widgets! I’m going to try clearing my cache.


    I can add images to posts but cannot see the images in editing mode or when viewing the blog with Firefox 2.0, nor can I see the edit or delete graphics which were attached to the images prior to the emergence of this bug. I can see the images when I load my blog in Safari (v. 1.3.2) however, but my version of Safari is old and is not fully compatible with WordPress so it is quite useless.

    This bug is infuriating.



    Everything is fine for me except the photos. Can add them but after I click insert nothing happens. I hope they fix this soon.



    There are currently no known problems with the system that would cause these issues. I also did a quick test in a test blog and had no problem either uploading or inserting images into a post.

    Problems like these are often caused by local browser issues. I think the best course of action, as a couple of people have already mentioned, it to clear your browser cache and restart your browser. Also, try a different browser if you can to see if the problem happens there as well. Information on how to clear your cache as well as other browser troubleshooting information can be found here:



    Mr. Fardella–Tony,

    THANK YOU for the link.

    I switched browsers — from Firefox, which is what WordPress prefers, to Windows Internet Explorer, and EVERYTHING is working perfectly. I went back to Firefox and everything’s off or frozen; it’s like the screen set up is not formatted correctly or something. ~

    Hot dog! And thank you again! ~JD

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