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    Trying to set-up a PayPal donation button. I have gotten to the part where I need to add the link from PayPals (email one). The problem is that the link is “Ghost” not sure if that how you say it but I can’t use it. My theme is Rounded, I also tried using the Notepad theme. The blog is set-up as private if that helps
    Thanks Jim

    The blog I need help with is



    You cannot have an encrypoted button as blogs cannot be equiped for ecommerce transcations. You can have a paypal donation button only.



    timethief, homemademyway stated it IS a paypal donation button that they’re trying to set up.



    Hello there. Yes I can read. Yes I have been here for many years. I know that most often what goes wrong is that people do not follow the instructions closely and do attempt to post the code for an ecrypted paypal button rather than the code for a donation button.

    If homemademyway posts again and has no succes following those instructions the there’s a HELP link he can use to contact Staff on his/her Dashboard.



    There is, just to make things more confusing, an encrypted version of the Donation button. It does not work here, and it is not mentioned in the support document.


    Timethief, I have been using the link you suggested and have watched the video over and over. I opened a new post, titled it went to the htlm in the visual editor. from the link above I copy the code for the button image, pasted it in. Went back to the visual editor where I could see the donation button. That where it ends and it ends. I cant open the link button to paste the code from paypal. Hope that help explain my situtation. Thanks



    I’m sorry you didn’t experience success. If you post the code here in between backtick ( ` ) characters Volunteers can examine it and perhaps help. If that fails then you will have to either use the Help link on your dashboard or this link to contact Staff.


    This is the code I copy from the wordpress support page
    ‘<img src=”” alt=”” />’



    What you are describing is normal because you do not have an A tag. Basically it’s just a static image, probably because you did not go all the way till the end of the procedure (steps 10 and 11 here: )

    Your full code should look like:
    <a href=""><img src="" alt="" /></a>

    And by the way, apostrophes are not the same as backticks (`). Next time, make sure you use backticks, otherwise we may not be able to see the full code ;-)


    Thank you airodyssey, you where absolutely right, I just didn’t catch the part about clicking on the donation icon.


    Thanks for that info but I am looking to have a bit more control over price any ideas? I have Google and PayPal




    No. You’re screwed, essentially. Also, don’t post to Resolved threads.

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